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How to Use Twitter Embed to Share Tweet Testimonials

One of the toughest parts to marketing any business is getting positive testimonials. Fortunately, as a freelance writer and blogger who has a good following on Twitter, you’ve likely been getting testimonials in the form of tweets. It could be something as simple as quick comment by a well-known industry influencer. 10 Premium SEO Tools [...]


How to Become a Freelance Writer and Blogger

One of the top questions I am asked is how I became a freelance writer and professional blogger. I touched on it a little in the Why Freelance Blogging post, but I thought I would go more in-depth. It all started with a blog. If you aspire to be a freelance blogger, then you must [...]


Why Freelance Blogging?

Welcome to FreelanceBlogging.net! The first thing you may be asking yourself is… What is freelance blogging? Freelance blogging is more than just article writing. A freelance blogger is hired by blog owners and businesses to not only create great content for a blog, but to also participate in the promotion of that content and community [...]

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