How to Use Twitter Embed to Share Tweet Testimonials

One of the toughest parts to marketing any business is getting positive testimonials. Fortunately, as a freelance writer and blogger who has a good following on Twitter, you’ve likely been getting testimonials in the form of tweets. It could be something as simple as quick comment by a well-known industry influencer.

Or it could be more detailed.

Or it could be something from a client.

The best part about this testimonial collection method is that it is easy to do. Whenever you see a tweet that says something nice about your writing, just use the Favorite option to save it to your favorites.


When you’re ready, create a page on your website and/or blog for testimonials. Then use the Twitter Embed option under More on the individual tweet to grab the source code for it.


Copy the code.


And paste it into your Twitter testimonials page.

Just rince and repeat the process and over time, you will have a great testimonials page. This can work for any business really, but for freelance writing, it is the perfect way to show potential clients that people like your posts. That and the fact that you get social engagement for your posts!

Ps. The next best source of social media testimonials is LinkedIn. So be sure you have a great LinkedIn profile set up that lists your freelance writing and even your blog as jobs so you can get even more testimonials!

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  • Jason Hines

    I’ve got lots of great comments from followers on Twitter. I’m going to see if there are ones I can use for testimonials for my photography business. Thanks!

    • Kristi Hines

      Glad you find the tip useful! :)